With the immense amount of passion, love and care that Sollie and Elize Potgieter shared for nature it was inevitable that today they would have one of the most reputable game breeding farms in the country.
In 2007, The Potgieter’s began their first game-breeding program. For 4 years they gathered all the possible knowledge and experience through the breeding of plains game.

In 2010 everything changed – the acquisition of several top bloodlines across Sable, Buffalo, Golden Wildebeest, etc. and the famous young Livingstone Eland now known as King Dawid marked a significant milestone for Burkea Wild.

Still to date maintaining many South African Records, Burkea Wild continues to grow from strength to strength producing world-class animals and continuing the Legacy of the Livingstone at Burkea Wild.

~ SA Record 2014 ~
Junior (Son of Dawid) – sold for R5 million

~ SA Record 2014 ~
Dawid Heifers – sold for R1.8 million (each)
Today Burkea Wild spans over 1000ha and Sollie Snr. and Sollie Jnr. work closely together on the development of their breeding herds as well as the selection criteria of new genetics into the herds – this resulting in top genetics and animals being produced.

~ SA Record 2016 ~
Legend (Son of Dawid) sold for R7.3 million